Erica de Koning PhD
Klinisch psycholoog || Executive coach

English speakers

About me

At the base of my career lies my education and training as a Clinical Psychologist. After receiving my Masters from Radboud University Nijmegen (NL) I entered the Clinical PhD program at the University of Oregon in the US.

Before entering the business world, I held positions as a Lecturer and researcher in different settings, including Vancouver Hospital, the University of Amsterdam and the University of London. I have published articles on a variety topics, including OCD, behavioural interaction, close relationships, and on therapeutic alliance. I am a registered Clinical Psychologist in the Netherlands

My organisational experience increased exponentially when I joined Phyleon in The Hague. As a trainer/consultant I have seen a wide variety of organisations and businesses through consulting and training within transition processes, stress management, team development, and leadership coaching on individual, group and organizational levels.

The last fifteen years I have been able to bring together my experiences as a psychologist and consultant within several management and director roles. The last 2,5 years I have been active as Clinical director of Child and Adolescent services at the Praktische GGZ.


The purpose of psychotherapy is to reduce your symptoms or to make you better equipped to deal with those symptoms. We will explore feelings, wishes, needs and behaviors. We will talk about your family of origin and your relationships. Together we will focus on recognizing patterns, such that you will be able to make different choices in the future. Psychotherapy does not provide guaranteed future happiness. However, you will learn how to improve your capacity to deal with the challenges and problems that life may confront you.

Executive coaching

My approach to coaching can be summarised as eclectic, meaning that it is strongly defined by the need of the client. My clinical background provides me with the skills and knowledge to go beyond the “surface” issues, my experience as a manager /director provides me with a deep understanding of the force field executives have to manouvre through, in these swiftly changing times.

Over the years I have become fascinated by group dynamics within and between teams. I believe much of our behaviour is driven by unconscious patterns both at the individual and at the system level.  By becoming aware, “ (self) consious”  you will be able to improve your understanding  of this force field and find yourself better equipped to adapt to the challenges your are facing as an executive.